Add ability to add tags to Type Definitions

I would love the ability to add tags to our Type Definitions and then on the Type Definitions page have it show all available tags for us to be able to click to have it filter them to only show the Type Definitions with the tag(s) you clicked.

I would also like you to add a "Restrict to tag(s)" field to the Relationship Property type, so I could setup a Relationship property that only shows the Type Definitions with the tag(s) I selected.


1 year ago

Flotiq changed status to Launched

5 months ago


We've introduced a new feature on – folder functionality! To give it a go, simply add '/' to the CTD label. It's a nice shortcut we created to make organizing content in the definition builder a breeze.

Take it for a spin and share your thoughts with us – we'd love to hear what you think!

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