Dashboard UI & UX

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Dashboard modifications, UI and UX improvements.
Main goals:

  • home page/dashboard usability (additional widgets,)
  • menu reorder and rethink names
  • starters browser
  • CTD list improvements
  • rethink user settings/billing


1 year ago


Hey everyone, we're in the process of internal testing. A new updated version will be available soon for you to work with and test on Flotiq.

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When writing a new front, we use Storybook. It's a great experience using this tool. We make sure that the elements are separate, complete components.

We decided to share the final components with the community as part of our flotiq-components-react package. Stay tuned.

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We finished with the mockups and the final version from the graphic designer.

Now it is time to implement everything step-by-step we will let you know.
Our plans and quick sneak-peak you can check here https://flotiq.com/blog/coming-soon-new-flotiq-user-interface

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Flotiq changed status to πŸ›  Planned

1 year ago

Q1 2023