Lifecycle Webhooks

🛠 Planned

External webhooks that will be used to provide the possibility to process payloads before it is passed to core Flotiq.

Currently, the system has "Webhooks", but according to the principle of their operation, they only inform the external system and cannot use responses from external systems.

This solution is inspired e.g. by Kubernetes Mutating Webhooks.

Proposed solution

  • the ability to indicate the address at which the payload sent to the application will be processed
  • the ability to join the PRE-CREATE, PRE-UPDATE, PRE-DELETE process
  • the possibility of modifying the payload by an external system, before it is eventually processed by Flotiq
  • the ability to return validation successes/errors by the external system
  • from the UI side, functionality similar to Webhook

This functionality is requested by one of the enterprise customers

5 months ago

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Q2 2023