PATCH endpoint to only update few properties on a Flotiq object


Be able to call a PATCH endpoint with only few fields to make a partial update of a Flotiq object


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Hey there! Check the Flotiq docs now,

What's useful about PATCH

Using PATCH to update an object, you don't have to send Flotiq the whole object, all properties, but only those you want to change, for example.

If you want to change the product's price, only the price, you have to send the entire object content using PUT.

Which creates problems

  • You can omit some elements, and then you will break the object.
  • You must have the entire object on the script (code) side to be able to resubmit it with a changed price.

Using PATCH, you can upload just what you need to change.

Hope you will enjoy our update 😀

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Hey, we added this to our board, and when it is ready, we will notify you here

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